Professionals want AI to produce work – APAC report

Thomson Reuters’ Future of Professionals Report – Asia & Emerging Markets Edition found 70% of corporate professionals in the SEA region want AI to help with day to day work product creation. 

Thomson Reuters surveyed 1,000 corporate professionals in Australia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The results reveal the professionals in these regions are receptive to finding ways to use AI at work. 

53% say AI won’t bring new pressures, challenges

Thomson Reuters found that over half of professionals surveyed (53%) are optimistic about AI being introduced into their profession. They don’t believe AI will bring new pressures or challenges into their firm/department, or profession. On the flip side, over two in five survey respondents (44%) stated that the technology will introduce new pressures and challenges.

AI key to liberating professionals from administrative work

Professionals also want AI to help with daily administrative tasks. AI can potentially free up professionals’ time, making way for focused impactful work. The professionals surveyed have identified the opportunity to integrate AI into their workflow to achieve a higher level of efficiency.

AI is transforming the world of work across professions and regions according to Jackie Rhodes Managing Director, Asia and Emerging Markets for Thomson Reuters. Professionals in Asia and emerging markets, driving significant change, embracing the opportunities AI could bring to daily tasks and long-term goals. 

“AI is clearly a once-in-a-career opportunity impacting the growth of firms and companies around the world.” 

“AI can in fact be leveraged to mitigate the biggest feathers of employees… It will help to reduce the risks, the admin and the less enjoyable parts of working life while allowing professionals to generate more meaningful impact,” she said. 

Singapore’s AI experts set to triple

In December last year, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced the plan to triple the country’s AI experts. In this year’s budget, a further $1 billion SGD investment in AI capability will be made by the Singapore government. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly launching M4 computer chips equipped with AI processing capabilities, indicating AI is set to become a key productivity asset for the future of professionals.

Generative AI is a fast-growing technology that gets better with experimentation. The slightly more positive than negative survey results reveal professionals are receptive but cautious about incorporating AI into their workflows. Professionals who are using AI to drive innovation are discovering ways to use it as a tool to leverage at work. 

Professionals in the Asia and Emerging Markets are change agents that can potentially influence user-growth as beneficiaries of this technology and workflow evolution. Get ahead of the fast-growing generative AI technology revolution with our insights. To drive workplace innovation, find the answers you need and more, in our APAC report.

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