Special Report: ESG Under Strain

After a period of ascendancy, the momentum behind ESG initiatives among companies and governments has recently come under strain, suggests a new report by Thomson Reuters.

Geopolitical, social, and economic forces have put the environmental, social & governance (ESG) objectives of companies, investors, and governments under strain this year.

To examine these myriad issues further Thomson Reuters Institute and Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence have published a new paper, Special Report: ESG Under Strain, that examines the complex challenges that governments and companies are facing.

What does the ESG report cover?

  • Greenwashing – the growing risks: Are the financial regulators and competition authorities taking notice? And if so, what are they doing to stamp out greenwashing efforts?
  • The unevenness of the regulatory landscape: Which authorities are pressing ahead and which are lagging on ESG regulations? The report also draws attention to the Asia-Pacific region, in which the authorities are becoming more active.
  • How to navigate ESG when it’s under strain: Guidance for companies seeking to define ESG and approach these issues with careful consideration.
  • G20 round-up on all things ESG: The twenty countries and their associated ESG efforts are listed out within the report.

Read more on Thomson Reuters Institute, or download the report here on Business Insight.

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