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Despite pouring hours of work into organising citations and rechecking every point of law, even the most competent lawyer can still feel somewhat underprepared. This is because as much as we’d like to think that our cases are bulletproof, we know deep down there’s still going to be that one error that manages to slip through the cracks.

However, this discretion is not to be confused with poor attention to detail or lack of skill. We believe it can simply be chalked up to being human. But when it comes to presenting your case in a courtroom with your client right by your side, we don’t have to tell you that nothing less than perfection is mandatory.

So where do you turn to when manually proofreading your cases is no longer the standard to reach optimal client success? We believe the only answer is to leave the critical stuff up to the smart and intuitive technology that was built to do it, like Westlaw Asia

With Westlaw Asia, you can say goodbye to unverified legal research and hello to confidence and legal expertise when you need it most.

Improve response time with smart legal research

With laws changing at a rapid pace, keeping up to speed is imperative for practising in a courtroom and serving clients. Developed in partnership with real lawyers, Westlaw Asia offers an unmatched user experience. 

Westlaw puts knowledge first by providing users with a complete set of jurisdictional legislations. You’ll also be able to view case law summaries, legislation, and commentary that are relevant to your line of work, plus have access to Asia’s largest authorised reports database at the touch of a mouse. With that kind of unmatched authoritative content at your fingertips you’ll be confident in every answer you provide your business or client.

As a Westlaw Asia subscriber, you’ll benefit from features such as search bar suggestions and an intuitive interface that enables you to narrow in on the answer faster.

Lean on comprehensive legal guidance 

In the past, conducting free legal research may have been the default way to prepare for a case. But with technology now at the forefront of competent legal expertise, this method is not sufficient. It’s crucial for your online legal research to offer you more. 

Westlaw Asia highlights legal guidance on primary law via a Citing References tab on the platform. Cases and legislation to specific legal guidance are pointed out to you so you don’t have to do the granular searching.

Another solution that can complement Westlaw Asia is Practical Law, our legal guidance platform, which provides comprehensive practice notes, documents, and checklists written by teams of experienced lawyers. This integration functionality enables users to search through both Westlaw and Practical Law in one ecosystem. 

No matter what area of law you practice, you’ll also have access to a wide range of content, even information outside of your subscription! This can help develop your knowledge in unknown areas and help you keep one eye on all legal movements. After all, the aim is to work smarter, not harder.

Find mistakes and be more confident with the Westlaw Asia

To advise your legal clients, you need more than just professional expertise, no matter how many years you have practised. Because let’s face it, research from free sources and line-by-line proofreading could see you fall behind. 

Keep up with expert lawyers and unlock your full potential by subscribing to Westlaw Asia. 

Chat with a Thomson Reuters specialist today to discover how Westlaw Asia can give you the confidence you have the answer.

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