Document Automation for Legal Departments: How to Get it Right 

The business case for document automation has never been stronger. With the ongoing shortfall in the talent market and the increasing pressure to reduce costs, the use of technology solutions to improve business efficiencies is essential to successfully deliver more with less. 

Technology in the legal landscape has advanced to support the speed and efficiency required for business continuity, to remain competitive, and maintain profits. Stakeholders are expecting reduced costs and more strategic business advice, creating the need to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.   

Document automation provides the solution for streamlining matters, legal service intake, client onboarding, contract creation, and self-service document assembly, among others. You can quickly create automated workflows that make tedious, manual processes obsolete.    Did you know, over one in two legal departments (52%) value managing in-house legal requests the most?

While many legal departments have already moved to document automation technology, it still bears hesitation from some stakeholders to embrace the necessary change required for growth. Adopting automation is easier than you may think and partnering with the right service provider can help make the transition seamless.   

“If you can imagine delivering a fully compliant contract in 82% less time, then you’re probably already using document automation in your work”.  

Thomson Reuters Customer User Survey

Thomson Reuters’ practical guide, Document Automation Done Right, is an essential read to get you started on your automation journey.   

The guide for legal departments features: 

  • Valuable market insights and real user experiences 
  • Key benefits for lawyers, clients, and your business 
  • A simple step-by-step roadmap for getting on board with document automation 
  • A toolkit for preparing a business case for your stakeholders 

Access your complimentary guide for legal departments via the form on this page.

The guide for law firms can be accessed here.

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